Deliverance from Family Bondage
March 20, 2019


Minister: Snr. Prophet Osita Chukwunonso
Theme: Facing Challenges A Christian.
Text:Acts 11:19

In this perilous time, we are in a warfare; and for us to have a fanfare, we must stand strong. It’s not a battle of words or smoothness of tongues or fastness of feet or in craftiness. Even though the enemy seems to be crafty, God has made them foolish in their craftiness. We need to be strong in this battle.
Don’t listen to what the enemy is saying; we must be focused on what God is saying to us. One word of the father is able to restore all.

When you see the least unexpected from people, let your faith in God increase. The difference between you and Moses of the Bible is your capacity to submit and believe in God. When God has brought you
into the light, remain there. When you found the truth, hold it and stick to it. The word of God is true.

Persecution is inevitable to all genuine Christians. The early Christians were all persecuted. It is like a part of the food menus of Christians – it is also a part of the calling of the Christians. As Christians, persecution is necessary for growth, upliftment and advancement in the work of the kingdom.

The secret of winning is to allowing Holy Spirit direct your speech, and to have confidence and faith in God knowing that our sufficiency only comes from Him. We must learn to think before we talk. The slow
movement of lions does not mean cowardice, it’s a simple application of wisdom and tactics.

Listen, the enemy would always attack you when what you are doing has to do with fulfilling your
destiny. But don’t allow your problems to make you remain silent. The more the enemy attack you, the more you work for God. If the enemy attacks you for going to church, that is the reason why you must go to the church the more. If he attacks you for praying, it’s enough reason for you to pray the more.

The early Christians were called Christians in Antioch because they behave like Christ in words and actions. They have the attributes of Christ in them and they showed it. I urge you to represent Christ anywhere you are. Don’t be hypocritical – don’t assume you are Christian, in your words and actions, are
you worthy of the name? For you to become a true Christian, you must serve and worship God in spirit and in truth. Until people could look at you and call you a Christian, you have not become one.

Prayer: I decree upon your life today, every limitation and barrier that has hindered you from advancing in the work of the Kingdom of God is destroyed now in the mighty name of Jesus. You shall from now
henceforth work in dominion and victory over every manipulation of the enemies against your life in Jesus name. I pray upon you for the renewal of your mindset in the ordinance of the Kingdom of God.

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